Thinking To Buy Seo Audit Services? Know The Best SEO Audit Price

seo audit price
January 3, 2022

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When considering buying SEO Audit services, the foremost question is “How Much You Should I Pay For An
SEO Audit?”  Before answering this, it is important to draw your attention to a very significant aspect related
to SEO audit price.

When going for an audit, an affordable SEO audit should not be your objective. Firstly, the low cost would be fewer
checks. Secondly, one must understand that cost of SEO audit will be compensated in terms of increased
revenue. Most of the time by following SEO audit recommendations, site owners have reaped remarkable
profits in terms of improved business and increased customers. Therefore, it certainly makes sense to invest in
an SEO audit and maximize profits.

Now coming to the cost, it varies from company to company as each company follows its process. Some have
a very detailed checklist while others just check the basic aspects. Since an SEO audit is expensive, before
you buy an SEO audit package suited to your company’s requirements, you must have a general idea of how
much an audit would cost for your site. 

On average, the cost of an SEO Audit can range between $300 to $1500.The pricing depends on the type of
audit and many other factors upon which we will elaborate further in this article. However, it is important to
understand that a solid SEO strategy is based on how in-depth an SEO audit is. The cost is also directly related
to this. 

A professional SEO audit company will provide a thorough review of your website. An audit is a
comprehensive study that includes a prioritized action plan to improve your ranking in 60 days or less. The
three main types of SEO audit are Technical Audit, Content Audit, and Link Audit. You should ask for an SEO
audit proposal that includes the available SEO audit packages and their costs based on your site. 
Reasons To Pay For An SEO Audit Report

The need for an in-depth SEO audit is imperative these days. The most used search engine, Google, frequently
changes its algorithms to improve the User Experience (UX). A complete SEO audit is required whenever a new
algorithm update is rolled out. Periodical SEO performance evaluations and updating SEO strategy in line with
the latest algorithm updates by Google is the best way to maintain and improve the website’s ranking.
Outsourcing your company’s SEO audit to an expert team is the best bet for a more in-depth audit. It may
seem to be an extra expense to your business, but it’s time and money both saved in the long term. You can
channel your energy and time into the other aspects of your business, helping it grow. Listed below are more
benefits of SEO Audit and why paying for an SEO Audit Report is worth it.

Enhances user experience:

One of the ways that an SEO audit will help your business is by enhancing
the user experience. If your site is taking too much time to load, or you notice that there are many
broken links or it is showing Error 404 persistently, then an SEO audit will help in figuring out the
problem areas and mending them.

Increases website traffic:

The primary focus of every company is to drive more traffic to the website,
and there are several ways to achieve the same, like enriching websites with good content, improving
your website’s content and structure, and more. With an SEO audit and website maintenance, you can
keep a check on the missing areas and work on the weak points to ensure good search engine results
and drive more traffic. 

Timely Fixing of SEO Gaps:

With a timely SEO audit, you can identify issues that are negatively
impacting your business, rectify them to improve the overall health of your website, get an insight into
the progress your competitors are making and based on the detailed analysis, an SEO plan can be devised.

Increases revenue:

Every business aims at making more money. With an up-to-date and well-
maintained website, your website will have a better ranking and more traffic, resulting in more

Top Factors Affecting The Price Of Website Seo Audit

Curious to know the SEO Audit Price in India in 2022? Some key factors that will affect the SEO audit cost in
2022 are listed below. 

Size and Type of your website: 

This is an important factor that determines the cost of an SEO audit. If
you have a small business website under 50 pages, obviously the time and effort that would go into
analyzing it would be much less than an eCommerce website that is more than 200 or 500 pages.

Condition of your website: 

The state or condition of the website is another important factor. If the
website is made using old technology or has too many SEO issues, SEO analysts would need to spend
hours making a long list. So, the current status, functionalities, and other elements of your website
would decide the effort needed for evaluation and accordingly add up to the SEO Audit cost.

Type of SEO audit: 

The type of SEO audit you go for also determines the cost. Technical audit checks all
the functionality and off-page SEO-related aspects of the website. The content audit examines the
quality of content, SEO-friendliness, content performance, and other factors. Link Audit checks the
internal and external links, toxic links, and more. Technical audit is priced higher than the other two
audits, even though they are equally important. The reason is the high number of technical factors to
be checked i.e. 250+ factors.

Type of Audit Report:  

You can go for an audit report with or without Expert Recommendations. Now if
you just want an Audit Report that tells you the issues, it will cost less. However, if you want an
Advanced SEO Audit Report that also gives you Recommendations or Solutions to the identified issues,
you will need to shell out more. Again, it must be mentioned that it is the Solutions that give website
owners the right direction to boost their business. So, a website audit report without suggestions does
not serve any purpose.

Analysis of your competitor’s website performance: 

Competitors’ Analysis i.e. evaluating the performance of your competitors’ websites will give you useful insights on how you can be better by identifying the improvement areas. So, this is yet another important aspect for which you will need to pay.

Frequency of Checks: 

Are the SEO audit checks performed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, six-
monthly or yearly basis? This certainly decides the cost. More the frequency, better the results, and
costlier the package.

Selecting Seo Audit Service For Your Website:

To know how much to charge for an SEO audit, you must know what is included in an SEO audit. Let’s delve into
this for better understanding.

Only Technical SEO audit: 

If you are confident that the content and link aspects of your website are in
order, you can go for ONLY Technical Audit and save your cost. Technical SEO audit identifies the
technical issues affecting your site’s performance. For example, crawl errors, HTTPS status codes, XML
sitemap, load time, etc.

Only Content SEO audit: 

If you think that the technical and linking aspects of your website are sound,
you can simply opt for a Content SEO audit. This checks the content performance metrics and more.

Only Link SEO Audit: 

However, if you feel that ONLY the linking aspect of your website needs
attention, you can go for Link SEO Audit. This evaluates the website’s link profile, link quality, links
status, toxic links, etc.

Comprehensive Audit Result: 

If you are very keen on boosting your website’s ranking and budget is
not an issue, then you must go for a Comprehensive Audit wherein all the Technical, Content and
Linking aspects of your website will be analyzed. Even though the price of this SEO Audit will be on the
higher side, but it is absolutely worth it.

Frequency of SEO Audits:

Most businesses do an SEO audit between two and four times a year. So, a good thumb rule is aiming to do a
website audit at least once per quarter. For a small business website, an audit every six months is perfect. A
quarterly audit makes more sense if you have a large company with a large website with much new content.
Some companies also go for weekly or monthly website maintenance checks.

Why Choose Indian Marketers For SEO Audit Services?

We, at Indian Marketers, with our domain expertise and a decade of experience, have designed an
encompassing yet customizable audit plan to suit your business need. Our plan includes an in-depth
evaluation of your website by all parameters and standards to improve your site’s organic SERP ratings.

Each website has different needs and issues that need to be fixed. Our team offers personalized SEO
recommendations focusing on the points that require urgent attention. Our SEO Audit reports are detailed
and data-driven. We also provide post-audit support through emails and phone calls. Our comprehensive SEO
audit service includes technical SEO audit service, content SEO audit, link SEO audit, and more. Tell us your
requirements and based on that we will work out the best SEO Audit package and price.