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Having trouble ranking higher than your competitors on major search engines? Then probably your website needs some optimization. But where to start? How to determine your current position in the industry and how much effort to put in optimization? All of these questions can be answered by a simple but thorough SEO audit on your site.

We totally understand your plight! And thus, we bring to you our comprehensive and deeply insightful SEO audit services which would give you a bird’s eye view on what strategies to execute for stellar success. Our audits are carried out by experienced specialists focusing on every aspect of your business.

Our Process

Understand & Identify

We can't audit what we don't know, As the first step we will understand the niche precisely and identify potential areas from each aspects

Forecast - Traffic & Efforts

Forecasting is our art and planning is our nature. Based on data pointers of competition & niche. we would forecast opportunity & execution effort plan

seasoned approach

Ideas are worthless without execution. Based on clients bandwidth, we can help with a seasoned plan to ease/automate the overall implementation.

What is SEO Audit?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in simple terms is the process of improving a website in order to boost search traffic to your website. An SEO audit is a complete analysis of a website following all the parameters and standards for the improvement of the site’s organic SERP rankings. On the basis of the audit, they curate a list of weak points in the form of recommendations that need action on your website. The best people to reach out for these audits are the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced SEO consultants, just like ourselves!

Key-factors hinting that your website needs an SEO audit 

Downturn of website organic traffic 

This is a visible factor you’ll start noticing on your website analytics and feel the need for a checkup on where it has gone wrong. Sudden drops are usually due to an update in the search algorithm or even a Google penalty. Whatever be the case, your website needs a proper diagnosis so as to identify the glitches that need work.

Page loading issues

One can imagine the frustration of the site visitors when their site takes too long to respond. Studies show that websites showing at the top results take a maximum of 3 seconds to load. If your website has loading issues your site needs help.

Low-quality mobile user experience

More than 49% of visitors browse the web via mobile devices(Statcounter). If your website is not mobile-friendly then chances are that your site may experience a low increased bounce rate and decreased rankings due to low user satisfaction as recognized by Google. 

Duplication of content

It may be occurring due to indexation concerns or deteriorating page authority. Even outdated content or blocked content if present on your page reflects search traffic issues and needs urgent attention. 

Broken links

Be it inbound links (links from your websites to other websites), outbound(vice versa) or internal(your web pages linking to one another) links, broken links are an indication of poor site authority and a thorough checking needs to be done.

Reasons to obtain our SEO Audit Services

To be on the Top 3 Results of Search Engines

We are all familiar with the fact that the top 3 results of search engine page listings grabs in most of the organic traffic and therefore it is important to be visible on the top-most results. Our experts guide you with just that, on how to improve your website with our promising action plan.

To keep you Abreast with the Latest SEO Practices

Industry professionals recommend to run an SEO audit every six months or at least a year. This gives you an edge on the latest trends and the ability to outrank your competition. Our professionals are equipped with the latest skills to help you boost your website.

Customized Solutions Catered to your Needs

Every website has specific needs and issues which need to be fixed. We offer personalized SEO recommendations throwing light on the points which require immediate attention. 

Exhaustive and Detailed Reporting

Our reports are insightful and data-driven with a future SEO strategy that should be a part of your plan on improvement. It would also include insights into your industry and competitor trends and analysis. We also provide support post the audit via emails or phone calls.

Highlights of our SEO Audit Services –

Technical SEO Audit

Technical aspects such as crawling, indexing will be checked for and issues in them will be identified. Based on that, we would make recommendations for your web developer to implement so that your website will be indexed faster by search engines. 

On-page & Off-page audit

Your entire link profile will be thoroughly reviewed and checked for toxic links affecting your rankings. All pages(including the home-page) will be examined to ensure that your site is in accordance with the latest Google algorithms.

Content Analysis

We’ll be checking the performance of your content in whether it is unique, SEO friendly, written to user satisfaction. Based on those suggestions will be provided for key areas of improvement.

Keyword Analysis

This is to review the overall keyword profile of your website – the keywords you rank for, your current positioning, and the keywords which bring you most of the traffic. This deliverable is the crux of our SEO audit.

Competitor Analysis

The study of your competitors is very important, it makes you realize your position in the game and what aspects of your website needs work. We are going to be checking for your competition’s keywords they are aiming and ranking(probably which you may have missed), their link building work which would give you insights on the additional points to add in your strategy.

Action Plan

Of course, no audit is complete without an action plan and we provide you with a prioritized go-to plan wherein your key improvement areas will be highlighted and solutions that are highly practical and actionable will be suggested.

Some frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete the audit?

It really depends on the depth of requirements. We do share a detailed timeframe and audit inclusions too.

Can a non-technical person understand the recommendations?

Yes, absolutely. We come up with solutions that are easy to understand and in a simple, lucid language. Whether you are new to SEO or a completely non-technical person, our reports are thorough and detailed.

Isn’t SEO audits via audit tools enough?

Tools are great to track performance over predefined rules and the data they provide may be more insightful. But a good strategy comes from experts with apt knowledge and excellence. You need a known SEO expert to handle the audits and emphasize on the under-performing areas and how to fix them.

Is the implementation of the recommendations included?

Yes it does!

Why are we the best?

We are an experienced bunch of SEO professionals and can serve you the best of expertise and assistance for organically increasing the revenue of your website. Our services include inquisitive keyword research and complete technical SEO audit of your site, data-driven strategies, link building and insightful reporting focused on the industry. Our pricings are fair and competitive catered to your requirements and objectives. We also have strong and ethical working standards completely rendering our deliverables to you.

We Provide A Lot More!

We not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO-friendly Web Design, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Website Audits, Social Media Optimization, Branding and several others.

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