Whether you are a website owner worried about ranking better than your competitors or a start-up that has not started SEO on the website yet, or an e-commerce website stuck in scaling business. The solution to all problems starts with an SEO audit.

    In SEO audit, “audit” is the key component when it comes to a website’s performance, safety and scalability. A successful SEO strategy depends on a well-crafted audit that provides a solid framework for SEO.

    We “Indian Marketers” with our domain expertise and a decade of experience, have successfully formulated an exhaustive yet customisable audit plan. It is based on the three fundamental aspects of SEO’s overall territory – Technical, Content, and Links. Our well-executed SEO audit will direct you to key pillars of SEO and search engine rankings.

    What is an SEO Audit?

    SEO audit primarily means to gauge current strength, forecast growth opportunities, and ensure the website’s safety concerning technical and links aspects. SEO audit is a complete and In-depth evaluation of a website following all the parameters and standards for the improvement of the site’s organic SERP rankings.

    In simple terms, it is a thorough analysis of a website to assess the performance of on-page and off-page activities. It identifies technical errors, analyzes backlinks, examines the content quality and issues to improve a web presence to boost traffic and ranking for your website.

    Key-Factors Hinting That Your Website Needs SEO Audit

    Did you see a current dip in traffic?

    Traffic drop is a common problem website owners face. Are you one of them? Well, don’t worry, we are here to listen and solve your traffic woes. Some possible reasons for a traffic drop can be obsolete keywords, targeting the wrong keywords, link loss, broken links, Google Penalty, changes in Google’s algorithms, competition, and other discrepancies. Traffic diagnosis and Ranking analysis will suggest the fixes that will help your website get high “organic” traffic that will take your business to new heights of success.

    Face challenges in scaling traffic?

    The one thing every website owner would wish to see is an increase in traffic. Having said this, it is one of the most difficult challenges websites are facing today. Not knowing how to increase website traffic can be daunting. This is where we come in. We can help you scale traffic with the help of a Content and Links audit.

    A content audit with the help of our expertise and feature-rich Content Audit Tools, we will come up with a failproof content strategy keeping your target audience and SEO goals in mind. We will help you in branding, suggesting a content creation, and distribution plan. We also suggest and implement NLP and semantic annotations that are the latest tactics under advanced SEO strategies that help traffic grow.

    The auditing task does not end with Content Audit. Link Audit and Link Strength Analysis are equally important. The quality and quantity of links (both inbound and internal) will determine your search traffic, so you cannot afford to ignore this aspect of SEO.

    Technical lookout

    One single technical error on your website could cost you thousands of visitors. Also, the technical aspects are a major ranking factor that you cannot ignore if you want to see your website in top search engine results. Our skilled domain specialists are well versed with all the technical SEO to-dos, glitches that need attention, and more. We will examine all the technical aspects of your website and suggest improvements to be accessible for both the search engines and users. It helps you achieve your SEO goals. Most importantly, we also ensure traffic sustainability via technical SEO audit.

    Stuck with limited strategic skills

    If you have done it all and despite your SEO efforts you are not seeing expected results and feeling stuck? Many clients who come to us have tried many strategies that did not work for them, and they did not know which path to take to see their graph go up. Do you also fall in this category? If yes, we can help. With our domain expertise and advanced SEO audit services, we will do a complete study of your website, business, and approach and come up with an ROI-driven strategy that can bring traffic, better ranking, and revenue to your website and a smile on your face.

    Know the real opportunity?

    It is important to know your organic traffic potential and business potential as it helps to streamline your SEO efforts and the best use of resources. If you can forecast business sales, it will help you plan your marketing efforts well. Business and ROI projections help businesses plan the next steps better and know where to make improvements.

    We will help you know your potential via our forecasting services. We use Qualitative Forecasting for start-ups with no past data, Quantitative Forecasting or statistical forecasting based on past performance, and Casual Planning, which is an elaborate method based on many factors of cause and brings out a given outcome.

    Reasons to obtain our SEO Audit Services:

    It will not be wrong to say that doing a website audit is as important as SEO itself! Our comprehensive SEO audit services will put you on the right track and helps you attain organic rankings, enhanced traffic, and increased sales.

    To be on the Top 3 Results of Search Engines

    We all are familiar with the fact that the top 3 results of the search engines page grab most of the organic traffic and hence it is important to be visible on the top-most results. Our SEO specialists guide you with just that, on how to improve your website with our promising action plan.

    To keep you abreast with the Latest SEO Practices

    As mentioned above, the industry professionals recommend running an SEO audit every six months or at least a year. This gives you an edge over the latest trends and the ability to outrank your competition. Our experts are equipped with the latest skills to help you boost your website.

    Customised Solutions Catered to your Needs:

    Every website has specific needs and issues which need to be fixed differently. We offer personalised SEO recommendations throwing light on the points which require immediate attention.

    Exhaustive and Detailed Reporting:

    Our SEO Audit reports are insightful and data-driven with a recommendation that should be a part of your improvement plan. It would also include insights into your industry and competitor trends analysis. We also provide post-audit support via emails or phone calls.

    Our SEO Audit Services consist of:

    By now you must have realized the importance of SEO audit services and how it is a stepping stone to boost traffic and get your website in top search rankings.

    Our comprehensive SEO audit services will help you learn what is missing and what needs to be fixed on your website to rise above your competitors. The valuable insight provided in our SEO audit reports will guide you on how you reach your SEO goals step by step. While doing so, we will keep you informed at every stage so that you know what is going on and how things are improving with our SEO efforts.

    Our website SEO audit services as discussed below will help prepare an effective SEO strategy plan for your website.

    Isn’t this interesting!!

    Technical Audit

    Having a technically sound website is one of the most crucial aspects of search engine rankings. A technical audit is performed to ensure the robust health of your website in the absence of which your website’s visibility is hampered.

    In a Technical SEO audit, we focus on critical technical aspects that need to be fixed to encourage search engine spiders to crawl and index your site to attain organic rankings. During this process, we check the technical aspects of your website’s SEO that hamper crawling, indexing & overall technical performance of your site. Like XML sitemap status, robots.txt file, Text-HTML ratio of pages, temporary redirects, pages with too many URL parameters, title tag parameters, broken links, no follow attribute, pages with Flash and frames, Uncompressed pages, JSS, and CSS issues, mobile-friendliness and much more. Under Technical add-on, we also perform Internal linking analysis and recommend solutions, as internal link building has many advantages. It improves page authority, navigation of web pages, user experience, and possibly your rankings.

    Content Audit

    A technically sound website alone cannot help you attain high rankings. Content is still the “King” when it comes to SEO. And it does not end with adding content to your website. It must be search engine friendly and engaging for the end-user at the same time. Content audit of a website can benefit your traffic and enhances the user experience.

    Under Content Audit, we have a Standard Inclusion package and Content Add-on service. In the Standard Inclusion Audit, we identify duplicate content and thin content, do a content performance audit, and suggest a data-driven content strategy that helps in ranking.

    In the Add-on service, we provide scalable content solutions for big companies and suggest a data-driven content strategy that helps in the ranking (up to 50 pages). We also recommend the right amount of content needed to rank. Apart from the quantity, the quality of the content also matters. The quality metric that you should opt for is also something we stress upon. For this, we are using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and algorithms

    Link Audit

    Just like technical aspects and content, the importance of quality links ((Both inbound and internal links.) on the web pages cannot be undermined. The more quality links your site has from other websites, the more votes of trust and credibility your website gets, which significantly helps in rankings.

    Our Standard Inclusion package includes Penalty Identification, Identification of Toxic Links, Complete Link Profile Analysis, and Disavow File Generation. Under our Links Add-on package, we do Enhanced Data Collection, Outreach Campaigns For Link Removal, and Google Reconsideration Support.

    Advance SEO Audit

    We also provide an Advance SEO Audit service wherein we conduct an in-depth audit along with opportunity forecasting, competition scan, and ongoing project support.

    SEO forecasting will help widen your perspective concerning your business opportunities, competition, investments, resources, and efforts. However, forecasting SEO potential is easier said than done. It is a complex process that needs lots of experience and expertise. Our SEO specialists can carry out this nearly impossible task of forecasting SEO potential using advanced algorithms and help you reap loads of benefits.


    How long do SEO audit services take?

    It depends on the depth of requirements. We do share a detailed timeframe and SEO audit inclusions too.

    Can a non-technical person understand the recommendations?

    Yes, absolutely. We come up with solutions that are easy to understand and in a simple, lucid language. Whether you are new to SEO or a completely non-technical person, our reports are thorough and detailed.

    Isn’t SEO audits via audit tools enough?

    Tools are great to track performance over predefined rules and the data they provide may be more insightful. But a good strategy comes from experts with apt knowledge and excellence. You need a known SEO expert to handle the audits and emphasise the under-performing areas and how to fix them.

    Is the implementation of the recommendations included?

    Yes, Our SEO audit report does!

    Why should I go for a custom SEO Audit service?

    We will thoroughly understand your website’s past performance, current state and do an in-depth audit of every aspect from design and content to link building and current performance. Accordingly, we will come up with a personalized strategy for your business after studying your competition, business model, target audience, market potential, and much more.