Penalty Recovery Services

Experts know that ranking high on Google is definitely not a cakewalk. And Google certainly works in the most inflexible ways possible. It often updates its algorithms so that web pages that deserve to be ranked on top get its place. And also penalizes those who don’t meet the standards.  

Being charged with a Google penalty doesn’t mean the end of your online business! Our brilliant and efficient team of SEO experts can get you back on track by fixing your issues seamlessly. We accurately identify the errors on your website and the backlinks and eradicate the penalty with an immediate action plan to follow.

Our Services

Recovery & Strategy Consultancy

We not just help you recover from your penalties but also advise on the right strategies to implement for taking your business back on track.

Right Assessment & diagnosis

Be it penalties levied due to algorithm updates or manually, we undertake deep analysis and breakdown the further steps to eradicate them.

Auditing & reviewing

We audit and check for other discrepancies such as page-specific issues and various other on-page/ off-page factors. Overall, we come up with a game-changing plan which not only recovers your website but also boosts your site rankings.

What is Google’s penalty and what are its types?

Google penalty is a negative effect on a website in the form of a decrease in search results rankings or a warning message in Google Webmaster Tools(GWT). 

Algorithmic penalty

Google came up with a couple of updates namely the Panda update in 2011 and the Penguin update in the consecutive year. The Panda algorithm scrutinizes the content on webpages and devalues their rankings if they have imitated or low-quality content. The Penguin algorithm checks for the backlink quality and penalizes for irrelevant and unauthorized ones. Recovery from the Penguin update is more difficult than its counterpart because it involves other host webpages holding your links.

Manual Penalty

This form of Google penalty is issued by the spam team and is notified via your website’s Google Webmaster Tools. Reasons are usually bad SEO techniques like overstuffing of keywords, cloaking, etc. To revive your website you’ll need to rectify these and submit for re-evaluation.

Reasons why your website is hit by a Google penalty


Unoriginal content that doesn’t add value

Any duplicate content on your website is less useful in Google’s view which could result in penalty. Make sure that your content is unique and well-written.

Unnatural links to your site

Broken links, links from sites of a different language or from suspicious sites, high number of affiliate links or outbound links, etc are all liable to be penalized by Google. Our action plan involves running a complete backlink analysis and rectification to bring your lost ranks back.

Black Hat SEO practice

Techniques such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, article spinning, hidden links, and content is not at all encouraged by Google and is viewed as a method to manipulate page rankings. As a result, you could be penalized.

What’s unique about our Google Penalty Recovery Services?


Experienced Team of Specialists

We have an enthusiastic and skilled team of professionals who understand the client requirements perfectly and execute the necessary steps with astute efficiency. 

Usage of tools to perform the audit

The set of tools that we use will enable us to identify links pointing from numerous sources. Our API based module will collate and analyze links, identify and provide all necessary qualifying pointers clarifying the quality of links. 

Fast Recovery

We clearly relate to your helplessness when your business is hindered due to the penalty. And therefore, we ensure a speedy recovery of your website from the penalty.

Transparent and Trustworthy

We are proud of having a completely transparent procedure and a straight-forward approach to our esteemed clients. We are also strictly ethical, another reason to choose our services!

Always Available for Help 

We are always available for support for any doubts or clarifications during or even post the process and are accessible via phone or email.

How does our Penalty removal work?


Checking and removing duplicate content

This is a part of our Panda penalty recovery and involves a thorough checkup of your webpages and identifying any imitated or poor quality content which may have caused the damage. We then generate quality and relevant content and update them effectively. And lastly, we submit your website to Google for re-verification.

Complete evaluation of your backlink profile

We run an exhaustive search and gather a list of all the links that direct to your website and get the bad ones removed as a part of our Penguin penalty recovery process. We go an extra mile by updating your website with authoritative and relevant links for getting your search rankings back.

Working on boosting your online brand visibility

We stand apart from the competition by lending a helping hand in optimizing your website and bringing it back to its position. We update and educate you with good and bad practices in SEO, new algorithms, the best techniques to include in your strategy, and are reachable anytime for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

My site has been hit with a manual penalty, is the impact really severe? Can I ignore it and continue my business?

A manual penalty is imposed by a human to your website when factors such as wrong schema markup, hidden text are visible on your website which is not following the guidelines of Google Webmaster tools. It can be adjusted for sure but the impact can be changed over time. Therefore, we recommend not to ignore any form of penalty and get it rectified immediately.

How does the Panda update affect my website?

The Panda update made sure that the site has quality content and ranked higher for the same, thus bringing low-quality websites down. If your content is copied or plagiarized in any form, you may have hit with the penalty.

What is the Penguin update and how can it affect my website?

What the Panda update is to content quality, the same way Penguin update is to backlink quality. It completely put a stop to the black-hat link building by penalizing them. Now, the top positions are assigned to websites authoritative, high-quality, and relevant backlinks.

Plan of action for the Panda update?

We look for duplicity or low-quality in your webpage content with the help of tools and optimize it as a corrective action. We then submit your website to Google for re-indexing post implementing the actions.

Plan of action for the Penguin update?

We perform an in-depth analysis of your backlink profile and identify the specific links that might have caused the penalty. We would ask you to remove them and replace them with authoritative ones, for which our team outperforms by updating your website with highly relevant webpage links

Our Process

Strategy Development

Advertising Management

Community Management

Effective Content Creation

Measurement & Reporting

Why are we the best?

We are an experienced bunch of SEO professionals and can serve you the best of expertise and assistance for organically increasing the revenue of your website. Our services include inquisitive keyword research and complete technical SEO audit of your site, data-driven strategies, link building and insightful reporting focused on the industry. Our pricings are fair and competitive catered to your requirements and objectives. We also have strong and ethical working standards completely rendering our deliverables to you.

We ProvideA Lot More!

We not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO-friendly Web Design, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Website Audits, Social Media Optimization, Branding and several others.

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