SEO Training

Tailored Training Modules for Custom Needs.

Corporate Training.

Training designed especially to train decision makers & cluster heads

Individual/Group training.

Training course designed for individuals/groups to learn the art from the start.

Custom Training.

Project based custom training that helping organisations address the core solutions.

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    Customized Training Solutions for the

    Smart Next-Gen SEO professionals

    Are you tired of opting for “SEO masterclasses”? Are you a company/individual lacking the appropriate SEO skills? Or does your organization need custom SEO training for your project?
    Well, you’re certainly in the right place. 


    At IndianMarketers, we have handled various SEO projects of notable clients as an agency and believe that SEO is not a piece of cake. It takes the right tools, training, and knowledge to succeed, and having run many powerful campaigns, we are very proud of having gained knowledge and expertise. Thus, we would like to pass on the education to you or your team. 

    We help corporations, marketing managers, and individuals who would like to make a booming career in SEO with our state-of-the-art training for turning your marketing and career goals into reality.

    Why do you need to learn SEO?

    SEO is essentially the technique involved in bringing or increasing unpaid or organic traffic to your website. And it’s the most in-demand skill catering to digital transformation. According to HubSpot, more than 81 percent of potential customers use the internet to research products and services before a purchase. Hence, it is very much vital to apply this skill to your leverage and grow your business. Some other peculiar benefits are –

    • To establish and grow your online presence
    • Cost-effective marketing 
    • Long term investment 
    • Fantastic career choice

    Types of SEO Training We Offer


    Corporate training

    We provide the best of what we know for corporate professionals to master working knowledge on SEO. If you own a business and need SEO training for the team, this is for you.

    Individual/Group training

    If you are a person with a drive to make a successful career in SEO, we are here to help you. We provide you with the best coaching for you and your group.

    Custom training (one on one)

    If you or your company needs custom SEO learnings for your marketing project, we provide custom training based on your learning requirements. 

    Why take Coaching from an Agency?


    Best of Knowledge and Experience

    We have got our hands dirty by working with some well-known clients and have gained excellence. Thus, we can train you with updated concepts in accordance with changes in the algorithms attributing to the fact that it is a very dynamic field.

    Have Deeper Insights of the Industry

    Owing to the above-said fact, we can further confidently state that coaching institutes may have enough resources to teach, but may not have the best of knowledge on what it takes to succeed in SEO. Well, having worked for 9 years in the field, we can help you with your learning.

     Ask-Me-Anything Model for Professionals

    For professionals trying to boost their growth in business, we are happy to help in our best way. We have it custom-made for you and help you learn with any and every concept of SEO so that you can enjoy effortless learning. 

    Online Training

    Our training is completely online and scheduled depending on your needs especially for working professionals. Our teachings are comprehensible, and if you’re a beginner, we have everything for you from scratch.

    Frequently Asked questions

    Who can join the coaching?

    Professionals, students aspiring to make a career in SEO and marketing executives with specific SEO needs for their project can avail of this coaching.

    What are the career prospects after the coaching?

    Once you have mastered the black art of SEO, you can carve out successful careers in roles like Search Engine Specialist, Content Marketer, SEO consultant, SEO manager, etc. It’s a very lucrative field with many growth opportunities.

    What are the advantages of taking this coaching?

    Beginners in SEO have stellar growth opportunities as answered in the above question. If you’re a business and would like to train your team in SEO, availing coaching from professionals doing fieldwork is beneficial and cost-effective as well, since they have deeper knowledge and insights regarding the field.  

    What is the profile of your trainers?

    Our trainers are veterans in the industry, All the trainers with IM are contributors to various forums and serious SEO’s our trainers will only speak the “SEO LANGUAGE”.


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