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November 26, 2021

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As per HubSpot’s 2020, State of Marketing Report, the use of video content for marketing is far more than other popular marketing methods like email, blogging, and infographics. Today, w e can see a huge shift of users from textual content (i.e. books, newspapers, magazines, and websites) to video content on YouTube, gaming sites, and social media platforms. You can see marketing videos everywhere from social media and websites to streaming apps and Google search results. 

Over 2 billion users tune in to YouTube every month. Currently, YouTube is offering a vast platform for video marketing across the globe. It is a popular, effective, and highly engaging platform used by billions globally. Apart from marketing, it is being used enormously for entertainment, education, and more.

In fact, you would be surprised at the popularity of YouTube when you read the statistics below. They are the reason why an increasing number of businesses are tapping into YouTube Marketing. Let’s find out more.

Startling YouTube Statistics You Must Know

  • More than 5 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day!
  • YouTube is used worldwide in 80+ languages.
  • 30 million Users are active on YouTube daily.
  • There are 38 million active YouTube channels.
  • Over 22K channels have 1million+ subscribers.
  • Over 70% US adults watch YouTube.
  • After Netflix, YouTube is millennials next best choice for video content.
  • Around 95% of OTT viewers in the U.S. watch YouTube.
  • 50% marketers use YouTube for marketing.
  • There are more than 50 million content creators on YouTube.
  • 2 million creators earn 6-Figure Incomes via YouTube.
  • Top 3 countries where YouTube is popular are US (16,4%), India (9.2%), and Japan (4.8%).


Know Why Your YouTube Channel is Not Getting Views and What To Do to Fix It

If you have a YouTube channel but don’t know why you are unable to attract audiences and subscribers, it is important to figure out where you are going wrong before you fix it. So just being an enthusiastic video content creator is not enough. You also need to do YouTube SEO. In simple words, you need to optimize your YouTube videos to place them on the top search results of the search engine. 

However, before jumping to reading how to do YouTube SEO, know first things first and that is “What is a YouTube SEO Audit or video SEO audit. Well, audit means assessing or examining the performance of YouTube videos or channels to fix the issues that are posing hurdles in reaching the goals of the channel. So, with a YouTube audit, you know if your channel is producing maximum results or not.

In this guide, we have covered everything about YouTube SEO. SEO techniques for Youtube videos for better rankings. Here is a complete guide that will help you in the YouTube SEO audit. 

Understand YouTube SEO

You might have come across Google Search Engine Optimization, but do you know what is SEO in YouTube? Well, YouTube SEO aims at pushing the ranking of YouTube videos posted on your channel by optimizing its metadata, tags, subtitles, captions description, and other factors. For example, if someone searches for easy DIY projects for kids the position at which your video is displayed is its ranking. This ranking can be outside YouTube or within it. By implementing YouTube SEO techniques yourself or through a professional SEO company, you can increase the ranking and popularity of your video.

Why is video SEO audit important and its role in the ranking?

When you upload a video on your YouTube channel, expecting it to get an audience instantly without any SEO effort is expecting the impossible. Let us understand it this way. Before we build a house, we work on its foundation. Isn’t it? Similarly, the YouTube SEO audit provides the right foundation for the performance and popularity of YouTube videos. Therefore, you must pay attention to a video content audit. Read ahead to know the reasons for going for SEO Audit for YouTube in some more detail. Also, you will get a quick overview of the lagging areas and how to improve the ranking on YouTube.

●      Helps to know what is trending

Video SEO Audit will help you in knowing the ongoing Google trends. As you know, a new trend is set often, and it becomes outdated soon depending on how it performs. Therefore, when you prepare an SEO for YouTube channel audit report, you will learn about the most prevailing trends, and related to that, you can make tweaks and add your filters to make the content new and creative. For example, one of the key steps in auditing involves analyzing the use of keywords, so when you read a video SEO audit report, you know about the usage of the right keywords.

●      Boosts the performance

The right audit directs the SEO guys to devise a suitable action plan for the relevant keywords and target audience. Professionals at India Marketers use the best YouTube SEO tools to optimize your videos and increase the ranking of your channel. You can get more subscribers on your channel, and you can reach your potential audiences or customers through effective video SEO for your YouTube Channel. But it is important to understand that here YouTube audit is the key. 

●      Improve video engagement 

The number of likes, subscribers, comments, watching time, and the number of views reflect the metrics of video engagement. The amount of video engagement directly impacts the ranking on YouTube. By paying attention to attributes, including titles, transcripts, tags, descriptions, etc., you can drive more organic traffic to your channel. Hence, by planning and implementing a proper YouTubeSEO strategy, you can increase the number of viewers and time watch. Here again, YouTube Audit identifies the weak areas that are fixed when YouTube SEO is done.

●      Helps maximize SEO results

By investing money and effort in the right direction, you can easily drive more people towards your videos and increase engagement and subscribers. By right direction we mean YouTube SEO audit that provides useful insights for SEO via a complete analysis of the video channel including quality of videos, the number of subscribers, on-page factors, off-page factors, etc. Hence, auditing for YouTube SEO is a must.

Very often, people jump onto the SEO bandwagon without doing any groundwork i.e. video/channel audit. So they don’t have a clear idea of where to go i.e. what SEO effort will give them the best results. In other words, they are depending on guesswork or trying to hit the nail in dark. Such efforts usually go in vain resulting in nothing but disappointment. When professionals audit a video channel’s performance, they know where to hit the nail to reach out to maximum people. 

Factors That Affect The Ranking Of Youtube Video SEO

The major YouTube SEO factors to attain desirable viewer metrics are the quality of the uploaded video and the use of keywords to optimize the videos. Let’s discuss this in detail.

  • Video Quality

If the quality of the video that covers both the content and its presentation is not up to the mark, without thinking twice, your visitors are going to switch to another video. There is no dearth of choices for them, so it is you who got to create your space to get their attention. For this, adhere to the following points:

  • Check the competitors, how they are presenting their content, and try to create your videos professionally.
  • Maintain the rich sound quality of the video, ensure your video and audio are perfect.
  • Fix your camera to a stable position.  Avoid shaking it while recording.
  • Use good quality equipment, including a microphone, video recording camera, etc.
  • Keywords

Make sure you do thorough keyword research and then utilize them effectively in your content. Places, where these keywords are used, are Title, Video Description, Tags, Captions, and Within the video. The rightful use of relevant keywords helps in driving traffic to your channel.

Apart from the above, there are various YouTube SEO parameters that need to be checked, tweaked, and followed suitably to enhance audience retention, engagement, and rankings. Let us understand YouTube SEO Audit and its need.

How to do a YouTube SEO audit to create a comprehensive YouTube SEO action plan?

More than 500 hours of new content is added to YouTube every 60 seconds, so you can imagine the competition. So, whatever you do on your YouTube channel must be done with a lot of planning and awareness. From video content and presentation to tags and titles to captions, every element should be checked and re-checked to add value and engage existing viewers while attracting more.

After knowing the factors and importance of YouTube SEO, the next step is to understand the process of video SEO audit.  For SEO audit, you need to check the following parameters:

  • Channel Name:  Begin by analysing your YouTube channel name. The name must be catchy and reflect the theme of your channel.

  • Use of keywords: During SEO audit, keywords play a key role, Auditors analyse the use of keywords everywhere from metadata like Video title, HTML tags, meta description, etc., to transcript, intro, outro, etc. So it is important to do keyword research well. You can also use autosuggestion keywords.

  • Video Hashtags: Hashtags play a key role in enhancing views by driving traffic. You can add hashtags in the video description or in the title. You can check trending videos or use hashtag tools for hashtag ideas, for instance One important aspect of hashtags is that don’t overuse them. Restrict yourself to 4 to 6 hashtags. If you go over 15 hashtags, YouTube will ignore your video. Also, hashtags must meet the Guidelines. For example, they must not include spaces, must not be misleading, must not use objectional language, etc. However, you can include misspelt keywords.

  • Youtube Channel Bio: Bio must include keywords naturally, must describe the channel clearly, mention its objective, and must try to connect to the target audience.

  • Logo: Make sure to have a professional-looking custom channel logo that is relevant for your channel.

  • Channel Email: To encourage your viewers and potential sponsors to contact you, do mention your email ID. It also enhances credibility and ensures no opportunities are missed.

  • Social Widgets: Linking your channel/videos to your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, etc., will help the audience access your content easily.

  • Chanel Intro Video Clip: Include an impressive and impactful channel trailer or intro on your YouTube homepage. This lets potential subscribers know what your channel is all about and enhance the chances to get more subscribers.

  • Video Title: Youtube video title must not be more than 70 characters with spaces. Even though the limit is 100 as anything after 70 will not get displayed. Experts suggest using your main keyword in the Video Title as exact match. If possible, begin the title with the keyword. Also, make it catchy using a number (for example, 7 Best Tips or Save$99), and some word showing excitement (for example OMG, Wow, etc.) However, choose one that is easy to understand and relevant from the user’s perspective. Do not use complex and complicated words in your title. The smart choice will be to choose the one which has fewer competitors. Another way is to use long-tail keywords. You can also use tools to analyze your headline like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

  • Video filename: Make sure to name your YouTube video file properly using a keyword, if possible. You will see the difference yourself.

  • Video Description: Search engines crawl YouTube video descriptions. So, make sure they are written well and optimized with relevant but precise keywords that match the video content. Give an overall summary of your video in the keyword and keep it minimum 200 words, can be longer. Try to use exact keywords in the initial 2-3 sentences of the YouTube video description for the best results. Also, make it compelling. Target keywords should be repeated 2-3 times in the video description, and related keywords should also be incorporated naturally. It must end with a call to action. Most important, keep it unique, and also include website links and social media links.

  • Timestamps: When it comes to the best YouTube SEO techniques, using timestamps is rewarding. Though it may seem insignificant, timestamps do matter. They help link to any section of the video.

  • Video Transcript: Make sure to have a compelling beginning of the video to catch their interest within the first few seconds. Use a well-written and keyword-rich transcript where you use the best keywords in the first 30 seconds. Transcripts also help as Google displays snippets from it.

  • Subtitles and CC (closed captions): Use subtitles & CC as they prove advantageous by helping YouTube crawl well. 

  • Video Playlists: It is a good idea to arrange your videos in a well-organized playlist to help users access them conveniently.

  • Video thumbnail image: Thumbnails do help to attract an audience, so make sure they are striking, logical and unique.

  • Watermark on each video: This is also a good strategy for branding and avoiding misuse.

  • Video Intro: This is a perfect place to catch the audience attention. So, pay special attention to creating a nice intro for every video and increasing engagement. YouTube video intros and thumbnails both are important to enhance YouTube video popularity. Hence, prepare an awesome and short intro, and be ready for some great responses.

  • Video ending/Outro: Also, known as end screens or outros, these must-have suitable call-to-actions like encouraging the viewers to subscribe, like, share, comment, answer to a poll, or watch a related video. This has the potential to enhance views instantly.

  • Video upload frequency: make sure to have a consistent video posting schedule. Staying absent or quiet for long can harm immensely.

  • Reply to user comments: Even though it is difficult, but it pays in the long run as it helps to get honest feedback, suggestions and opinions and build a community. It is best to reply to comments that are posted in the initial 1-2 days after your video is posted. Doing so, helps to create an active community thus encouraging users to comment more and early.

  • Do live streaming: People love to watch you live. Even if your channel is not about gaming, try live streaming, it is worth it.

  • Interact with Audience: Try interactive Q&A sessions, plan a meetup with your subscribers, and try other such activities that encourage audience engagement.

  • Promote your videos: Marketing videos on all social media platforms work great to enhance popularity through increased views. You can also promote them indirectly on Quora or mention them on other sites, etc. It is one of the off-page YouTube SEO techniques, which results in increasing the video ranking.

  • Length of video: Some academic videos last for an hour, while some may end in 4-5 minutes. In general, it is better to have a 10 to 11 minutes long video. However, this time duration may vary as per need and the content of the video. People do not have much time to stay on your channel and you can make your long tutorial in parts to drive traffic to your channel. 

  • Video Production: The video quality, sound quality, content, etc., are some factors that help in boosting video ranking. The searchers may leave your video between and switch to other ones due to improper representation. To stop this from happening, make sure you have the right equipment and skills to do the final editing of videos. Some aspects to consider are appropriate lighting, using a tripod and backdrop, good quality microphones, and a high-resolution camera.

  • Viewer Metrics: The sole purpose of putting all the effort into creating, uploading, and editing the video is to get the maximum engagement on your video by achieving high ranking. You should audit your YouTube videos and channel to know important metrics like number of comments, number of subscribers, Click-Through-Rates (CTR), number of Shares, Likes and Dislikes, average viewing duration of all videos, watching count of the channels and videos, audience retention, etc.

By following the above-mentioned YouTube SEO tips, you can succeed in preparing the right SEO plan for your YouTube videos.

Popular YouTube Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel:

  • YouTube Studio: The official YouTube tool for video editing and channel management and monitoring
  • Vidiq: From keywords research to analytics it has several useful features
  • Filmora: Allows to use 100 layers of media, improvise sound, fix shaking camera shots, etc.
  • Camtasia: Helps to record, add effects, create quizzes and more
  • TubeBuddy: Perfect for managing production, marketing, and video optimization
  • SEMRush: One-stop tool for competitors research, SEO, PPC and social media
  • YouTube Keyword Tool: Know which keywords will help get views. No guessing!
  • Rival IQ: Helps to make YouTube videos perform well. Learn about important YouTube stats that matter.
  • TagsYouTube: A complete YT audit tool that tracks performance. Also features Tag Extractor, Hashtag Generator, Title Generator and Description Generator
  • Headliner: Create /edit videos, add effects, animations, gifs, music and more
  • Smartzer: Excellent for ecommerce related videos and enhancing engagement
  • Canva: Pre-built templates to make posters, presentations and more
  • JTV Digital and Adrev: Amazing tools to make money from your songs

Benefits for Choosing Indian Marketers

Choosing a professional company for Youtube SEO services and keeping yourself focused on creating amazing video content is a great idea to boost your popularity and revenues. YouTube SEO is a huge responsibility, and it is best done by professionals who stay abreast of the latest trends and algorithms.

Following the DIY approach will distract you from the main goal of creating quality video content for your audiences. Therefore, you must seek assistance from Indian Marketers For YouTube video SEO services.

We have years of experience and extensive knowledge on how to do a detailed YouTube SEO Audit of your YouTube videos and Channel as a whole. When you hire us, we work diligently to analyze every aspect of your YouTube Channel to come up with a detailed final YouTube Videos and Channel audit report along with suggested solutions. 

The main focus of our SEO audit is to identify the loopholes and blind spots that are posing a hurdle in reaching the right audience. For example, when watching other popular videos, you come across many embedded links or redirecting links, etc., you might not be aware of, but all these things within your channels can increase the SEO ranking of YouTube. 

Therefore, if you need a well-proficient YouTube SEO consultant, Indian Marketers are the best choice to make. Once you hire us, you will be free of all the worries related to your video views, channel popularity, playlists, metadata, and so much more.

We have a detailed YouTube SEO audit process in place that we have chalked out using our domain expertise and experience. We analyze everything and map every parameter against our YouTube Video/Channel Checklist to give you a clear path to tread upon for YouTube success. In simple, words our SEO Audit Report will help you know what exactly is missing or wrong and is stopping your channel from attracting a wider audience. We can be your best YouTube partner by sharing some of your workloads and allowing you to explore new horizons.

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