The 3 Best SEO Audit Tools for Useful Insights

The 3 Best SEO Audit Tools for Useful Insights
September 30, 2021

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The changing dynamics of the Google algorithm can certainly boggle one’s mind. Keeping pace with these changes can be confusing and leave one contemplating the right plan of action for the SEO implementation. With Google, the algorithm is getting complex, and losing out in the race can adversely impact the website ranking. No business would want that.

Google rankings are no more about keyword density; there is much more to it. Google uses more than 200 factors to assess the web pages and rank them. Hence, you must be adept with all these changes and implement the necessary change, which will eventually help your website rank high on search engine ranking. Google’s ranking system is based on a complex series of algorithms of which some are more important than others.

Before getting started on SEO activities, SEO experts first check the website’s current health to know how it is currently scoring against various SEO parameters. This is important to know what needs to be done. For this, the first step of SEO is doing a website’s SEO audit. Well, doing SEO auditing is a time-consuming process as experts need to analyze all the pages of the website against several parameters.

It is impossible to do SEO Audit manually, and also it doesn’t make sense in today’s technologically advanced age with so many SEO audit tools. That is why they make use of several technical tools. There are countless free SEO audit tools on the Internet, but not all are worth using as they may give half or inaccurate information. Hence, it is important to use the right SEO tools.

Role Of SEO Audit Tools In SEO

An engaging and SEO-friendly website is a must to ensure that it gets more traffic that drives more business. For this, a website needs to be designed and developed keeping pace with the industry trends and changing SEO guidelines. SEO or search engine optimization is something no business can ignore if it wants to establish and sustain itself in the online world. There are many SEO audit tools that will provide SEO audit report with solutions. Let’s see how SEO audit tools are useful in this scenario

Reveals the technical issues: 

With the best SEO audit tool, one can identify issues with the page loading speed, robots.txt, sitemap, coding, links, page redirects, and several others. By identifying the errors, half the battle is won. Next, the specialists fix the errors and create a more crawlable website that is safe and secure.

Help plan an effective SEO strategy: 

There are different SEO tools for each category like Technical Issues, Content issues, Links Issues, and even Traffic Analysis tools. High-end SEO audit tools offer a detailed insight into different aspects of on-page and off-page SEO that helps to prepare a strategy to make a website infallible. 

Saves Time and Effort:

Analyzing a website manually for SEO is very cumbersome and there are high chances of error too.  With advanced SEO tools, one can get a report within minutes and the team can then put the focus on chalking out the SEO plan and fixing the issues.  

The Best 3 SEO Audit Tools you should use in 2021

It is important that SEO specialists choose the best SEO audit website tool that gives accurate results. The Accuracy of SEO Audit Tools will guide the SEO professionals in the right direction thus enabling them to make client sites rank high in SERPs. Some of the popular names in the list include:

  1. Screaming Frog
  2. SEMrush
  3. Ubersuggest

Screaming Frog

The first SEO audit & reporting tool on our list is Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool. It crawls different types of websites and easily assesses the technical aspects of the website before creating a comprehensive report. Screaming Frog helps to find broken links, does metadata analysis, finds duplicate content, and more. It is ideal for doing regular audits to know the issues and fix them before they affect rankings.

 Another unique feature of this tool is that it is known for its accuracy and speed. This tool is used to identify the issues and transfer them to Google Sheets to get a clear picture of the issues. Screaming Frog has a visualization feature as well that makes it easier for SEO specialists and website owners to understand the areas where SEO work is needed.

Key Highlights of Screaming Frog
  • It is a specially designed website audit tool for SEO.
  • It is ideal for both small and large websites.
  • It is one tool an SEO professional can’t live without.
  • Organizes the website SEO data in a structured spreadsheet format.
  • It is features loaded. One is amazed to check out its extensive features.
  • Some of its features are:
    • Find Broken Links, Errors & Redirects
    • Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data
    • Review Meta Robots & Directives
    • Generate XML Sitemaps
    • Site Visualisations
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Search Console Integration
    • Structured Data & Validation
    • Spelling & Grammar Checks
    • Custom Source Code Search
    • PageSpeed Insights Integration
    • Link Metrics Integration


If you are looking for the best SEO audit tool, then the next tool on our list is SEMRush. It is one of the most trusted platforms for checking the website’s performance against numerous SEO parameters. This SEO multi-tool can do a technical check of 100 on-page SEO issues. Some of its functions include keyword research, backlinks analysis, and traffic analysis. It reveals which keywords are doing well along with keywords for which competitors are ranking.  It gives you a clear idea about the traffic trends as well. SEMRush is unique because it is an easy-to-use tool, and the processes are streamlined, thus making it easier for the user to use it. Knowing the improvement areas of a website helps to put an effort in the right direction.

Key Highlights of SEMRush
  • The SEMRush SEO site audit provides a detailed report of the page.
  • The SEMRush SEO audit tool has an elaborate dashboard.
  •  It presents the information in an easy-to-understand manner. 
  • You can check the performance of all the key aspects of a website.
  • SEMRush SEO audit toolkit has 40+ tools to help reach the best solution.
  • Some of them are related to
  • Keywords Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Rank Tracking
  • Link Building
  • Competitor SEO Analysis
  • Backlinks Analytics
  • Domain Overview
  • Organic Traffic Insights and more


The third tool on our list of the best SEO audit tool is Ubersuggest. Neil Patel has recently added many new features in addition to the basic ones to this Neil Patel SEO audit tool making it more useful.

Keyword ideas are one of the key features of this tool. It gives the long-tail version of the term entered. One gets to know about keyword types, keyword ideas, and keyword suggestions facilitating the right choice of keywords. The SEO Difficult score provided by this on-page SEO audit tool is also useful.

The Ubersuggest tool speedily assesses websites and their performance. It gives insights into organic monthly traffic, backlinks, organic keywords. All this is eventually helpful in creating a strategy that will make your website work more efficiently and better than your competitors.

Key Highlights of Ubersuggest
  1. It is a web-based tool.
  2. It gives keyword ideas that work.
  3. It is a great SEO content audit tool.
  4. It gives content writing ideas that people want to read.
  5. It is also an excellent technical SEO audit tool.
  6. It is also used as local seo audit tool.
  7. It suggests potential sites for link building.
  8. One can also use it for mobile SEO audit.

Comparative Analysis of the 3 Best SEO Audit Tools

 Screaming Frog SEM Rush UberSuggest
Free VersionYes Paid SEO Tool Paid SEO Tool with 7 -days Free Trial
PlansYearly Monthly and Yearly Monthly and Yearly
Price Starts @£149.00 Per Year $119.95/mo $12 USD Per Month
Content Management
Ranking Monitoring


Performance Metrics
Campaign Management
SEO Management
Analytics / ROI Tracking
Distribution Management
Social Media Monitoring
 Google Analytics, Webmaster & Sitemap
Campaign Management
SEO Management
Revenue Management
Contact Database
Keyword Search
Link Management
Content Management
Google Analytics Integration
CompatibilityWeb Application Windows & Macintosh Web Application
Customer SupportEmail Phone & Email Email
LanguagesSupports 8 Languages English Supports 9 Languages
SEO Audit tool Comaparison Table
Table Data Source:

Wrapping it up!!!

From the above discussion and table, you can easily know about the various features of all three SEO Audit tools. All these tools are useful in their ways. At Indian Marketers, we make use of all the 3 tools to help our clients get a complete picture of where their website stands with respect to Technical, Content, Link, and Traffic aspects.

After an in-depth SEO Audit using SEO Audit Tools and SEO Checklist, our experts create a custom SEO plan wherein they make sure there is no dearth of effort to push clients’ websites to the top. Our team of SEO experts closely assesses every website, prepares a detailed report, and works on the areas that need improvement. We also do a detailed competitor analysis to know the additional things they have done and implement the same in our client’s website. For us every client matters. We don’t follow a one size-fit all approach rather we believe in custom SEO as each business and website has different needs.

The audit reports help in identifying the exact problem and recommending a fitting solution just like any business report that provides a critical analysis of the business performance in different areas of the company. Using SEO tools, we can pinpoint the errors in a short span of few minutes and make your site future-ready. Most importantly, when our team fixes only what needs to be fixed, the results of SEO are impressive.

This is why our clients trust us and recommend us to others. They also prefer to stay with us for SEO maintenance. You will love the way we work. Contact us today!